Guidance for Police Officers accessing reports

The Notification Email
When a victim or witness decides to use the Self Evident app to report a crime and supply evidence to the police, an email is generated in real time to the relevant police team. In London and many other areas this Notification Email is sent to Central Communications and elsewhere it goes to the relevant local police team.

Below is an example email where the crime victim is John Smith and the crime type he has selected is Burglary.

Police Notification Email Example

Accessing the Crime Report

This is a security procedure to ensure that only authorized officers or police staff can access the report and download the evidence.

Police Report Link Example

If this doesn’t automatically take you to the login page shown below, copy and paste the link into your browser and press return.

Police Report Login Page


Request Police Access Code


Police Access Code Email

Copy and paste your unique Access Code into the second box on the login page, as shown below.


Enter Police Access Code


Please note that the Access Code can only be used once.  If you forward the notification email to a colleague, they should follow the above process and get their own Access Code. Similarly, if you want to access the report again or return to it after you have left the page, you will need to request a new Access Code by clicking on the link in the Notification Email.


Confirm authorization to view report


 Self Evident Crime Report Example

Processing a Self Evident Crime Report

Please follow your force's procedures for handling crime reports. What follows describes how reports from the Self Evident app can be readily integrated into your force’s system.

If you need to forward the Crime Report and Evidence to a colleague to action or to log, this can simply be done by (i) emailing them a copy of the report and evidence you have saved or (ii) forwarding them the Notification email with your instructions or requests.

Please note that forces will need their IT departments to except from any firewall protection and designate the site as a trusted one in the web browser.

Processing Reports through a Central Inbox

If a force wishes to handle Self Evident crime reports centrally so they can be monitored more consistently, there are two options.

Firstly, it can be done by the force. The IT department at the Constabulary's email server can set up a rule that emails from be copied or redirected to one central inbox. (Please note it is .org rather than .com.) If the rule is that emails are copied then this means that the NPTs will also see the notification email; if the emails are redirected then they will not.

Alternatively, the force can email providing the email address that they wish all Self Evident crime reports made within the force's area to go to, and we will arrange that reports are redirected to this inbox.

If you have any questions or queries you can ring Witness Confident on 020 7226 0968 (office hours).

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