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Which reports are free?

To find out which reports can be sent or secured for free, click on the Free link in the footer.

What is the standard validation?

When you capture evidence using the app, the location, date and time are logged at and secured on the Self Evident server. This information is displayed when you or a recipient view a report. Additionally, as you both view and download the same evidence while the server retains the original, its reliability should not be in dispute. It should be all you need when you send a report to a third party.

If you ever need extra validation, you can download a Validation Certificate which provides detailed data about each item of evidence.

Please note, neither the standard validation nor validation certificates are available for media imported from outside the app.

What services are free?

Click on the links in the footer to Free and to Trial to find out more.

Free Trial

For information about your Free Trial, please go to the main Support page and click on Free Trial.

Pricing & Payment

Which currencies are accepted?

The currencies are US$, UK£, Euros €, Aus $, Can $ and NZ $.

When I make a report, when am I charged?

If a report is chargeable, and you have credit in your account, then credit is deducted from your balance when it reaches your account. If you’re out of credit, we’ll hold it pending for 3 days during which you should top up your account with credit to send or secure the report.

What if I do not have the credit needed to secure or send a report?

If it’s not a free report (click on the link Free in the footer) and you don’t have sufficient credit to secure or send it, we’ll hold the report as pending for three days and email to tell you. If, by the fourth day, credit hasn’t been added we will delete the report and any evidence from your account. The evidence will remain on your phone.

How much do reports cost?

For information on free and charged reports, click on the links Free and Charges in the footer.

How can I buy credit?

You can pay by PayPal, debit and credit cards (Mastercard and Visa). Go to Credit when you have logged in.

Why have I been charged double for my report?

The charges for regular reports are based on the report and evidence not exceeding 60MB in size. As most people won’t know the size of the reports they want or need to make, we give practical examples on the Charges link in the footer. If you are ever charged double for a report, it is because it was larger than 60MB.

VAT receipts

If you need a VAT or sales tax receipt for your purchase, go to Profile, then go to your Transaction History, click on the relevant purchase and select VAT receipt. (Please note that pending VAT registration, this function will be disabled).


Please click on the Charges link in the footer.

What do I get with a report?

Any evidence can be downloaded six times (three times by the sender and three by the recipient). The report can be saved to your PC as often as you want. The report shows the location, date and time of the incident and the summary you provided. If you send the report, you can track when recipients access it.

Also, you can download a Validation Certificate for a report, which shows detailed information about any attached evidence that was capured with the app. Validation Certificates are free to download and to send to a third party. To find out how much evidence can be attached to a report, click on the Charges link in the footer.

Police Reports

In England & Wales, victim reports sent via the app to the police are free.

Witness reports to the police go free within and outside the UK.

For more information about free services, click on the Free link in the footer.

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